Friday, 26 November 2010

Straight from Kokamo Indiana

Acting Assignment from Humphrey Erm on Vimeo.

 This here is what we have been doing this week.  I am personally very happy with it and think the whole week was a lot of fun.  The assignment was to animate the character Danny conducting an orchestra to a piece of music that we got to choose.  I chose Wagner's Kaiser March simply because it was a little bit more varied as well as a mix between the Verdi and Beethoven choices in terms of intensity.

Some notable problems are volume changes in the animation, having the character and his parts grow and shrink at odd times.  However, the action I think is very well done.

Next week we will have some animation director students arrive, and we will collaborate on a short 25 second scene.

And for your enjoyment, a proper scene featuring Danny :D

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  1. Something did seem a little odd in the animation. Maybe it was just the abrupt ending… who knows. But it's interesting to see the ideas your teachers have. I mean I haven't seen the film, but I assume that he isn't a conductor… right?

    Can't wait to see what you'll be doing with the directors!