Friday, 25 February 2011

After Effects

In this first video we had to take the bird we animated earlier and composite it in After Effects, duplicating it and moving it around screen in front of a background.

The second assignment was about having a UFO fly in and pick up a character.

And then we took what we did in the previous one and put it in another project, applying it to a phone screen and moving a digital camera around.

After Effects is an amazing software.  All the possibilities made possible with the tools here make it clear why so many productions use it, and I can't wait to do work more with it.

Its Clobbering Time!

During this week we have been working with Photoshop and After Effects.  While I wait for my videos of the After Effects assignment to finish loading on Vimeo I thought I'd upload the Photshop assignment.

We got to choose between two subjects: superhero or disney character.  being an avid superhero fan I chose the former, but had alot of trouble getting the right drawing.  I started of with Superman looking badass, but without the badassness, then changed to Captain Marvel transforming, and then decided that what we need is the Ever Loving Blue Eyed Thing.  His surreal anatomy seemd to be just right for me, and I believe it got to turn out as a pretty decent drawing.  We also had to insert three textures into it and make it match the rest of the illustration, so I found some rock textures for his skin, cloth for his pants, and fur for the dog being protected.

It really inspired me, so I feel like trying some more superhero drawings now, after improving my anatomy skills.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Non Dialog Acting

Non Dialog Acting Exercise from Humphrey Erm on Vimeo.

Here is the exercise we did last week, non dialog acting featuring one of three characters.  I have chosen Bernard from The Rescuers simply because I felt it was time for a more simplistic character for myself, so I didn't have to bother with all the complexities and focus on the animation.  Not to say he was perfect, considering his annoying muzzle, which was very hard to draw accordingly for each angle.

The scene is supposed to be the character waiting for their blind date, and we got to choose from 3 different attitudes.  Sad, Nervous or Excited.  I hope its clear which one I chose.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Mid Term Exam

Mid Term Exam from Humphrey Erm on Vimeo.

This was the result of three days labor working on Danny jumping over a manhole.  I am personally very pleased with the little film, believing it may very well be the best animation I have done so far.  While there are problems, such as volume changes and being offmodel on non acceptable frames, it was well regarded and they gave me a passing grade.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

TV Paint Intro

TV Paint Bird from Humphrey Erm on Vimeo.

 This was my first experience with TV Paint.  I have previously worked alot in Flash, but this was quite a different situation.  It was like Photoshop with a timeline, giving me lots of varied tools to draw, and really focusing on having the software be for animators, rather than normal people.

So first things first was to animate a bird flying, specifically a crow.  Later on we will composit this animation into After Effects and make a little sequence with it.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

First Semester Showreel

First Semester Showreel from Humphrey Erm on Vimeo.

A little late in uploading this, but I wanted to hear what my censor thought of it before I put it up on the blog.

As a matter of fact, she thought it was more than decent, and showed improvements as the reel went on, demonstrating understanding and execution of the principles I was supposed to be learning.

From now on the clips I upload will most probably be made in TVPaint, an animation software that we have been practicing with this week.

Music in the showreel provided by