Saturday, 26 November 2011

Action Animation

Here's a weeks and a day's worth of work.  It was a difficult assigment involving many different things, including cinematography.  One thing I really enjoyed was to use a primitive shape to block out all the action and timing in the beginning.  That allowed for a good start.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Facial Expressions

Below are some expressions I did in Maya with a model named Morpheus.  We had to make six expressions detailed on a list, and one we come up with on our own.  See if you can make out the emotions I attempted to portray in each.

Lift Animation

This was a tough assignment.  Having to constantly keep track of the weight and such of the box as well as getting believable motion as the character picks it up was quite the challenge.

We had to create a backstory and personality for the character in order to create a unique performance for the character.  I chose to have a character who'se primary emotion was anger.  The idea would be that this man would have had a lot of misfortune placed upon him in a short span of time that he eventually snaps, letting his frustrations out on the closest thing he can find.

A note on the animation, since it takes place in such a simplified environment, is that the box is bolted to the ground, and that is why there is that moment where he tears it and is partially off the ground for a little bit before being completely torn off.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Run Cycle Compilation

This is a generic run cycle feautring Hogan.  This was tricky due to the shorter cycle a run has than a walk, so it's difficult to time the poses just right.

Character Walk Compilation

This was an exercise in mechanics as well as acting.  The model had to perform a unique walk cycle, so I made him have a stomach ache as he moved, writhing in pain.