Friday, 19 November 2010

Her mother wasn't nearly as picky

This week we are animating a hug, an assignment that is due Monday morning.  Its an exercise in acting and subtle animation, trying to portray deep emotion that can be read clearly from the drawings.
 We could choose between two characters for Hogarth to hug: the Sultan from Aladdin, or Kala from Tarzan (Tarzan's gorilla mother).  I chose the Sultan, because after the last animation with Madame Medusa, I was in the mood for something much easier to draw.

The Sultan is a very nice character, I love drawing him.  He's composed primarily out of circles and is a joy to draw due to that simplicity.  Hogarth is more difficult, but not much.  He has a real boy's proportions (except for those ears) and thus is hard to move convincingly, but his overall design works well.

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