Friday, 5 November 2010

Between the two of us

Well, the two weeks of inbetweening is over now, and it was qute an experience.  After having drawn everything into the Aisling clip now, I have gotten a further understanding on animation.  No wonder inbetweeners would often become animators.  I learned alot from inbetweening this scene.

Aisling Inbetweens from Humphrey Erm on Vimeo.

And below I have a collection of all the 23 drawings I drew to complete this assignment.  She was much easier to draw than Madame Medusa, though her stylistic design did cause some confusion for me.

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  1. It's probably my untrained eye and my complete ignorance to animation… but I can't see a difference between the line test and the inbetweens. But other than that, this looks amazing. Did you draw this all from memory, or did you have each frame next to you? Cause this is REALLY nicely animated :)