Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Casting Call

Character Design is turning out to be tougher than I give it credit for.

We were given some new techniques and tools in desiging characters, the results of that right beneath:

The idea here was to design a character through the means of Photoshop, by cutting images apart and constructing a character Frankenstein style.  Another approach was to take pieces apart into distinct random shapes and piece them together.  One approach I took was to make random shapes in Photoshop and adjust as necessary there.  And the final two examples at the top involve manipulating the Pen tool and making simplistic lines.

Turned out I wasn't that keen on that system, though through examples from proffessionals and students I can see how it can work.  Interesting as it was, I just couldn't find my protagonist through these means.  So I was given free reign to draw on paper, and the top and bottom pages are what resulted from a day's work.

I demonstrated these to the teacher, and apparently these were much improved, and we agreed on which one we found most appealing:

That was the second one I drew.  Should have stopped then and called it a day :P  Tomorrow we will be making Maquettes of our characters.  Should be fun.

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