Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Advent #14 Kraken

We are working on stories this week, and today we did some exercises in writing stories.  Heres one I wrote, with the rules that I had to include in some way:

  1. A lock of hair
  2. A cup of water
  3. A little stone
  4. Dry leaves
I stood by the city lake on a cold, dry autumn afternoon as the tears that swelled from my eyes finally halted, leaving me with a scarlet eye liner and sniveling nose.  In my gloved hands I hold pieces of blonde hair, golden strands of my scalp that defined me, long wavy locks of hair.  I clench my fist before letting the strands float down the sandbank,  buoyant in the water.

I take a deep breathand pull my hood back, revealing my bald head, my shame, my regret, and yet, my current self.  In an attempt to lose my frustration I select a stone of the small variety and send the primitive projectile flying out to the lake with a satisfying splash.

Panting heavily with a lighter heart I walk across the leaf covered ground towards the hospital, where I take a drink of water from a cup before returning to the chemotherapy section of the hospital, a relief to all the doctors who have been frantic about my now temporary disappearance.

An interesting day to be sure, and can't wait to learn more.

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