Saturday, 1 October 2011


This was a weeklong assignment, so I figured I would show the steps up to the final animation.

Part of the assignment was to create a backstory and personality for the character in order to give a more unique and specific performance.

In my case the character is a selfish king who it has come to his attention someone close to him will attempt to assassinate him. Worried for his life he sees a servant who is a dead ringer for himself, so he orders him to switch places with him temporarily. His plan is to catch the assassin in the act, not caring for the well being of the servant, thus not telling him of the murder plot. The scene in the animation takes place just after they have switched clothes, and the servant now king orders him to bow before him, his first taste of power. The real king immediately refuses, but notices some people walking into the throne room and forces himself to bow in order to not blow his cover.

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