Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Escape Animation

Well, here it is, after quite a few months working on this the project has finally come to a close.  If you wish to see some context to this scene, I suggest you take a look at this previous post, which includes the entire storyboard from where this is just five seconds from.

I animated in TV Paint once I got a hold of the layout for the background, while my partner composited the background in Maya and made sure to make the appearance 2D despite being made in 3D space.  I think she succeeded well.  Check out her achievements on her blog.

Once the animation was done I took each frame and placed it in Photshop, where I rendered each image.  It was tough work, but once I got more and more done, each successive frame was easier to make since I could reuse layers and assets.

Frankly I'm quite pleased with this assignment.

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