Friday, 21 January 2011

Storyboard Week

A little late update from last week, when we made storyboards for our Escape project.  These are the five pages that me and my partner Camilla did together to tell our story, but its only fair to give the background and premise since the whole story isn't told in our storyboard.

We had this idea of an animated TV series about a kid who would travel through parallel dimensions through the use of a portable device.  Each episode would be a new adventure in a new place, allowing the writers to come up with anything they wish.  Key concepts in the show is the theme of escape: our protagonist is afraid of responsibility and attachment, because he feels unprepared to live up to expectations peoplle have of him.  This is why he flees, and escapes into other worlds, where he hopes a reset will make his life better, though the same problem arises nonetheless.  Another key rule is that the device needs 24 hours to recharge itself after use, so he can't just constantly be zapping himself of anywhere immediately.

That being said, here are the pages!

We got some notes from our teacher afterwards, detailing mistakes and improvements that could be made to it, such as improved angles, pacing and clarity.  However, he was for the most part pleased with the two of us, and the rest of the class seemed to be engaged in the story.

I'll update this week's work a bit later.

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  1. This is a very good storyboard. The exact reason, why I don't understand that filmmakers who can't draw (everyone in my school, including me) need to draw storyboards. If we'd compare yours to mine, we'll see that you've got the complete layout of the screen done. Something that I could never do because I can't draw proportions or depth correctly.

    When looking at this, I can immediately imagine the whole clip without problems. And as a producer of this series, I'd be happy with the exact same artwork you have here, just inked and colored of course…

    From this I noticed that your storytelling technique is much better than mine. I'd like to talk to you about that, maybe pick your brain a little, and have you tell me your methods :) Tonight, maybe?